Universe Within Us

Universe Within Us

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The Universe Within Us is a mixture of science, religion and personal experience that offers a new understanding of our place and purpose in the universe - an understanding that leads to the conclusion that every human being possesses a spiritual nature.

The author offers insight into a new way to look at life. She proposes that answers to questions about the purpose of life have long been the domain of priests and clergy, and, more recently, scientists. Often the answers have been less than satisfying.

The religious answers often leave the intellect out and defy what the rational mind can accept. The scientific answers satisfy the intellect at the expense of the heart and soul. We come away unsatisfied from either explanation. Drawing on the resources available from the sciences, from the world's sacred scriptures, and from personal observations and experiences, she offers a unique map of the universe, and an explanation of life's purpose that is truly satisfying.


Author: Jane Harper.

Format: Softcover book, 210 pages.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publishing, 2009.

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About Jane Harper

Jane Harper draws on a lifelong interest in the sciences and religions of the world to serve as the foundation for magazine articles, and poetry. She has a degree from Macintosh College and lives in Eliot, Maine.