Adventures of Mali & Keela

Adventures of Mali & Keela

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Thirteen adventure stories introduce children to the concept of virtue and demonstrate how virtuous behavior can make the world a better place. Each tale is built around four of the 52 virtues that have been identified by The Virtues Project™, a global grassroots initiative that inspires the practice of virtues in everyday life.

The collected stories bring the virtues to life in lively, entertaining adventure tales designed to be read aloud to young listeners. Each tale is followed by clear, age-appropriate definitions of the virtues for the adult reader and the young audience to explore.

Discussion questions are also provided to draw the children into a conversation about each story. These interactive tools foster a more profound understanding of the virtues, help children put each virtue into context within their own experiences, and provide a rich environment for learning—while young and old enjoy the thrill of a well-told yarn.


Author: Jonathan Collins.
Illustrator: Jenny Cooper.

Format: Softcover book, 144 pages, 18 x 23 cm.

Publisher: Personhood Press, 2010.