Five Year Plan<br>2011-2016

Five Year Plan

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Once more the Bahá'í world stands at the threshold of a new stage in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Once more the House of Justice has opened to our eyes a new horizon. The letters contained in this volume provide a vision of the progress of the Faith, clarify the path of development for each cluster, explain how to strengthen the elements of a growth program, describe the extent of our learning, outline opportunities for greater involvement in society.

"... in the system thus created to develop its human resources, the community of the Greatest Name possesses an instrument of limitless potentialities. Under a wide diversity of conditions, in virtually any cluster, it is possible for an expanding nucleus of individuals to generate a movement towards the goal of a new World Order."
The Universal House of Justice.


Author: Universal House of Justice.

Publisher: Palabra Publications, 5th Edition, 2013.

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