Small Gift Box for Babies
Small Gift Box for Babies

Small Gift Box for Babies

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Welcome a new baby into the world with a meaningful gift that has lasting value, with carefully selected products nested in a sympathetically designed gift box ready to give to that special baby.

Baby's Prayer Book is an exquisite collection of blessings from faiths around the world, including offerings from Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jainist, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, and Sikh communities. The Baby's Prayer Book was inspired by the belief that, as citizens of a world that includes many cultures and religions, lasting peace will depend on our children understanding and embracing differences.

The Sound of Virtues CD has been produced to nurture the spiritual development of babies and provide some peaceful support to parents. The CD offers gentle contemplations of universal human virtues such as love, trust, generosity,
flexibility, creativity, purposefulness, and confidence. Sound of Virtues may be played as a backdrop during play and quiet times, or even while your baby is sleeping. You will find the affirmations and music soothing and nourishing for yourself as well as for your baby.

Embrace Virtues is non-denominational and inclusive of all religions – east and west.


Embrace Virtues

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