Halls of Certitude <br>(coming soon)
Halls of Certitude <br>(coming soon)

Halls of Certitude
(coming soon)

A great quake rocks the Earth, and Jack Johnston finds himself cowering, as human kind reels from Groundfall. As the ground cracks, and falls away under the feet of a distracted humanity, he also finds that a new enemy has risen to take advantage of the chaos.

But, fortunately, those of The Department of Truth also rise from deeper, and Jack and his friends find themselves learning how to rebuild community. They learn how to plant orchards, that will support and renew the ground of humanity, and embed the embryo of a new united human culture; as Groundfall, and the battle against the new foe, goes on.

Jack and those who enter the Halls, gather the skills and insights needed build communities that are built on spiritual foundations, and begin to understand their own inherent nobility, and the power of collective and unified effort.

Join Jack, on his next grand adventure; in the mind warping conclusion to this exciting and introspective saga. Learn what it takes to build new communities and a new humanity; as he, with new friends, and old ones from deeper places, battle against evil predators, and for the future of humanity.



Author: James Connolly.

Format: Softcover book, 210 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Independent, 2017.

About James Connolly

James D Connolly is an Australian writer and artist/painter whose quest to understand the meaning of life and the spirit eventually led him from Christianity to the Bahá’í faith. His writing and art are greatly influenced by his faith and experiences. 

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