Treading the Mystic Path in Search of the Beloved

Treading the Mystic Path in Search of the Beloved

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What is the “Mystic Path” and Who is “the Beloved”?

The answers to the above questions can be found in the following words revealed in the 19th century by Bahá ’u’lláh, the Prophet Founder of the Bahá’ı́ Faith:

"Every Prophet Whom the Almighty and Peerless Creator hath purposed to send to the peoples of the earth hath been entrusted with a Message, and charged to act in a manner that would best meet the requirements of the age in which He appeared...

The Prophets of God should be regarded as physicians whose task is to foster the well-being of the world and its peoples, that, through the spirit of oneness, they may heal the sickness of a divided humanity.... It is towards the inmost essence of these Prophets, therefore, that the eye of every man of discernment must be directed, inasmuch as their one and only purpose hath always been to guide the erring, and give peace to the aflicted ...."

~ Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 79–80.

The spiritual life of every individual person relates to human society as a whole; and thus, to the world conditions that challenge humanity. In the present age, mysticism can no longer be considered as the exclusive domain of a few select initiates. Therefore, the analysis of the “Mystic Path” presented in this book, is a new approach that discusses spirituality in relation to the main issues that the world is facing today.

This book speaks to every human being. Readers from all religious traditions—or none—will find something of interest in the contents.



Author: Jamshid Fanaian.

Format: Softcover book, 372 pages, 15 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Self-published, 2017; re-published by Baha'i Publications Australia, 2018.

About Jamshid Fanaian

Jamshid Fanaian is a Persian Australian writer, translator, and lecturer. He was born in Persia (Iran), has lived in four continents of the world, and has travelled widely. Jamshid has published several books in Persian and English.

At a time when the communist bloc still appeared impregnable, he accurately predicted the failure of Marxism and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Mr Fanaian has been interviewed by newspapers, radio and TV stations in Europe, Africa, America and Australia. He has also spoken on various topics at conferences and multi-faith forums.

Mr Fanaian is a graduate of Macquarie University, Australia, with a masters degree in English Literature.

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