Repository of Mysteries

Repository of Mysteries

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The Epic Mystical Poem of Junun

Junun was the pen name of my dear grandfather, Jinab-i-Mirza Faraj’u’llah Fanaian who, in his early adolescence, set out upon the path followed by the unsung heroes and heroines of a heroic age. This was a time of great turmoil in Persia, when the brilliant sun of a new Divine Revelation was breaking through the dense and darksome clouds of corruption, degradation and fanaticism. This was a time of great sacrifice—willing sacrifice even unto death—for the Cause of God.

From his obscure beginnings in Sangsar, a small town in the Persian Province of Semnan, and having only been taught the Persian alphabet as a child, Junun developed into a mystic of profound insight, and a poet of superlative skill.

Within the pages of this book is my humble rendering into English of my beloved grandfather’s majestic, mystical poem, The Repository of Mysteries, the verses of which are overlowing with Junun's feeling of wonderment at the visions of unearthly realms that were unveiled before his inner eye through the grace of God. The epic depicts the stages of man's spiritual journey to God, and tells of the Prophets through Whom the loving Creator has communicated with humankind throughout the ages.

Junun’s rhyming couplets ring out with his overpowering yearning and love for the Beauty of God revealed in the inner essence of Bahá ’u’lláh, Who is the Promised One of all Ages, and the Supreme Manifestation of God for this glorious new Era in the history of humanity.



Author: Jamshid Fanaian.

Format: Softcover book, 230 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Self-published, 2017.