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Decisions, large and small, determine the course and quality of life—for an individual, a couple, a family, an organization, a community, a country, and the world. Today, we are experiencing a decision-making crisis. Increasing complexities in life are outpacing our decision-making resources.

In this book, the authors, a life coach/consultant and a psychotherapist, introduce and explain a revolutionary, transformative decision-making process that:

  • Engages the whole human being—spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally;
  • Improves relationships at all levels;
  • Calls forth latent qualities & capacities in its practitioners;
  • Fosters true interpenetration of diverse thoughts;
  • Dramatically deepens understanding;
  • Yields creative, robust decisions that rise above partisan & ideological bickering; and
  • Results in justice and unity.


Author: Bill Harley and Jean Harley.

Format: Softcover book, 362 pages, 15 x 18 cm.

Publisher: Wisdom Editions, 2017.

Talk by Bill Harley