Department of Truth
Department of Truth

Department of Truth

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Jack Johnston is an ordinary bloke with a seemingly ordinary life-until the day he feels a jolt, sees a bright light, and hears the words: The Department of Truth. He finds himself suddenly propelled on a mystical roller coaster ride through unfamiliar and magical landscapes, and begins to learn about life, people, and his own personal longings.

This young Australian man while wandering in strange lands meets different kinds of people, each with their own unique cultures and views of life. Jack also visits deeper realities where he explores the human condition, his own thought processes, and the path to faith, which challenge him to learn and grow.

Join Jack on his existential ride through life, and the poignant tale of his search, with giants, talking doorways, new worlds, magic carpets and wise new friends...



Author: James Connolly.

Format: Softcover book, 240 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Independent, 2015.

About James Connolly

James D Connolly is an Australian writer and artist/painter whose quest to understand the meaning of life and the spirit eventually led him from Christianity to the Bahá’í faith. His writing and art are greatly influenced by his faith and experiences. 

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