Character Strengths Cards
Character Strengths Cards

Character Strengths Cards

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This selection of 26 Virtues Cards explores universal character strengths such as trust, creativity, patience, and kindness. They can be used by parents and educators to affirm children's strengths and gain confidence in the use of virtues-based language. The cards offer powerful reminders to encourage and celebrate positive behaviours.

Virtues Cards remind us of our inherent worthiness. They offer timely sparks to draw on in challenging situations and encourage us to reflect upon the many virtues we each carry within. 

Each card features an original illustration by Australian Artist Carli Hyland, along with some gentle text to lead mindful contemplation of a virtue. The Virtues Cards are a divine gift, offering breathtaking relief from our material world into a quiet and spiritual place.

Text for the Virtues Cards has been adapted and reprinted with permission from The Virtues Project.

Embrace Virtues is non-denominational and inclusive of all religions – east and west.



The virtues cards are presented in a soft, organic hemp pouch - beautiful, tactile and environmentally sustainable.

Embrace Virtues

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