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Book-The Heroic Female Spirit-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Heroic Female Spirit

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A collection of tales

In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, these stories employ many of the moral virtues found in every religion. The heroes in each tale strive to reshape and improve the world around them, showing the qualities of the heroic female spirit at work. Myths and legends have traditionally been the domain of men and boys. The gallant hero is almost always male.

In The Heroic Female Spirit: A Collection of Tales, author, performer, and storyteller Phyllis Peterson shows women and girls at the center of each story—discovering their inner gifts, defying restrictive customs, and creating peace between seemingly implacable foes.

These young women demonstrate that heroic qualities are not only the domain of young men and boys, but rather these qualities are within each of us, regardless of gender. Each tale shows a young woman making a difference by acting fearlessly to improve the world around her. The Heroic Female Spirit brings together enjoyable, inspiring stories that will appeal to people of all ages and will redefine the prototypical hero.



Author: Phyllis Peterson.

Format: Softcover book, 189 pages.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publishing, 2006.