Book-The Bahá'í Faith and the World’s Religions-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Book-The Bahá'í Faith and the World’s Religions-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Baha'i Faith and the World’s Religions

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Alternative Sources

Papers presented at Irfan Colloquia, comparing the Bahá’í Faith with other religions.



  1. The God of Bahá’u’lláh
    Moojan Momen
  2. Seeing Double: The Covenant and the Tablet of Ahmad
    Todd Lawson
  3. The Sufi Stages of the Soul in Bahá’u’lláh’s The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys
    Julio Savi
  4. The Bahá’í Faith and Higher Biblical Criticism
    Robert Stockman
  5. African Traditional Religion A Bahá’í View
    Akwasi Osei
  6. African Traditional Religion and the Bahá’í Faith
    Enoch Tanyi
  7. Monotheistic Religion in Africa: The Example of the Swazi People
    Margaret and Crispin Pemberton-Pigott
  8. The Bahá’í Approach to Other Religions: The Example of Buddhism
    Moojan Momen
  9. Common Teachings in Chinese Culture and the Bahá’í Faith From Material Civilization to Spiritual Civilization
    Albert Cheung
  10. The New Age Phenomenon and the Bahá’í Faith
    Zaid Lundberg
  11. The Báb’s Epistle on the Spiritual Journey towards God
    Todd Lawson



    Editor: Moojan Momen.

    Format: Softcover book, 288 pages, 17 x 25 cm.

    Publisher: George Ronald Publisher, 2003.

    About Moonjan Momen

    Moojan Momen was born in Iran but was raised and educated in England, attending the University of Cambridge. He has a special interest in the study of Shi'i Islam and the Bahá'í Faith, both from the viewpoint of their history and their doctrines. In recent years, his interests have extended to the study of the phenomenon of religion.

    He has contributed articles to encyclopaedias such as Encyclopaedia Iranica and The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World as well as papers to academic journals such as International Journal of Middle East Studies, Past and Present, Religion, Baha'i Studies Review, and Iranian Studies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

    Works by Moojan Momen

    George Ronald Bahá'í Study Series #2