New Approach to Science

New Approach to Science

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An exploration that fuses science and religion to perceive, interpret and transform reality

This book enriches the four causes of Aristotelian thought⏤the material, formative, efficient, and final causesand a suggested fifth cause, the Maturity Cause.

Each of the five causes is associated with one or two methods of science and to a set of human faculties. The four causes taught by the Greeks are associated with the qualitative, the formative method, the experimental, the explicative method, and the exploratory and propositional methods which emerge from the Maturity Cause. The full conceptual framework based on the five causes is a useful tool for solving every day common issues as well as for resolving large individual and collective challenges.

The outcome of a New Approach to Science, which fuses notions from the Book of Creation and the Book of Revelation in a conceptual framework to perceive, interpret and transform reality, profoundly questions how science is conceived today.

For example: In order to think about agriculture as a way to "lay a foundation for system", one has to examine the systems of education and labor. An educational system which revolves around agriculture should focus on monitoring and evaluating the teaching of the methods of sciences to empower the youth of the world, especially the daughters and sons of the farmers, so they can discover the potential of biodiversity and its results in terms of generating employment.Once empowered with the methods of science, they will apply those methods to address any problem in their villages and neighbourhoods.


Author: Leonardo Duque.

Format: Softcover book, 252 pages, 17 x 26 cm, colour interior.

Publisher: Independent, 2018.