Islamic Contributions to Civilization

Islamic Contributions to Civilization

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"My interest in Islam dates from the time I lived in Istanbul, teaching at Robert College. I soon felt at home with the educated Turk. In fact, one of my closest friends then, and ever since, was a young Turkish teacher, a liberal Muslim, subsequently dean of the college. As I moved among the common people I was particularly struck with their serenity and calm at all times. Along the quai of the Bosphorus, for example, one had an opportunity to see the difference in temperament which set the Muslim trader apart from his competitors..."


Author: Stanwood Cobb.

Publisher: Avalon Press, 1963.

About Stanwood Cobb

Stanwood Cobb was born in Newton, Mass. in 1881. He attended Newton High School and Dartmouth College. In graduate work at Harvard he specialised in the history and philosophy of religion. He then taught for three years at Robert College, Istanbul, and in 1914 published a book, based on his experiences in the Orient-one of the first books in America to give sympathetic treatment to the Turk and to Islam.

In 1919 Stanwood Cobb founded the Progressive Education Association of which he was later president. That same year he also founded the Chevy Chase Country Day School in Washington. He is a member of the Cosmos Club and is founder and president of the Washington Authors Club.

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