• Three's Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

Surviving and navigating your teen years, including high school, can certainly be challenging at the best of times. It is certainly easier when accompanied by your best friends. Join Jade, a free-spirited vegetarian, Raj who is mad about science and always hungry, and Shingo, an easy going, insightful Baha'i—through their various adventures, events and incidents encountered throughout their junior high school years.

Three's Not A Crowd is the first in the Seekers of Truth Series. It can be read independently, however, it has been designed to initiate discussions amongst junior youth groups, encouraging young people to reflect on their own personal experiences with friends and at school. Each book addresses a range of current social issues and concerns and highlights spiritual truths. At the end of the story is a series of questions based on the concepts covered in each chapter. Additional references have been linked to The Independent Investigator series to provide more in-depth information supported by quotes from the Baha'i Writings.

Topics covered in this book include natural and spirit forces, life after death, the soul, progressive revelation, the dual nature of man, alcohol, cyber bullying, backbiting, and the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program.

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Tahirih Lemon is a trained primary teacher with a Master of Education. Following a passion to seek assistance for vulnerable children, she has worked in the field of child protection for the past decade. Tahirih has been self-publishing for over fifteen years. Her current books and children’s stories were initially inspired by her children when they were younger, who were very inquisitive regarding spiritual matters

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