Skylark Life Skills Manual for Women and Girls

Skylark Life Skills Manual for Women and Girls

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A valuable manual for parents, youth, social workers, life skills educators, principals, and psychologists.

Inspired by Bahá'í teachings, this book teaches life skills regarding sexual abuse, anger, battering, rape, "feelings" language, authority of self, recovery from oppression etc.

The Skylark Life Skills manual for Women and Girls is a combination of all the author's workshops, and is a valuable resource for all. The book also informs of not only human rights of men and women, but the rights of boys and girls who want to be educated and live in safety. The workshops are embedded in the manual and the handouts for each workshop can be downloaded from the authors's website at



    Author: Phyllis Peterson.

    Format: Softcover book, 332 pages, 15 x 22 cm.

    Publisher: Independent, 2015.

    About Phyllis Peterson

    Phyllis Peterson, a Life Skills Educator and international speaker, has traveled widely throughout Asia, Africa, and the Pacific to facilitate workshops to children, adults, and trainers. Her programs have been adopted by the governments of Botswana and Swaziland in Africa. Her workshops cover themes such as:

    • Protective Behaviours for Children
    • Boundaries Sculpting
    • Development of a Feeling Language
    • How to get rid of Stultifying Roles for Men and Women
    • How Acknowledgement Heals
    • Anger Alternatives
    • Conscience Development in Children

    Her teaching environments include Family Violence Shelters, Women’s and Men’s Prisons, Universities, Community Colleges, Schools, Pre-schools, Nursing homes, Child Abuse Prevention Conferences, Community Centers, Orphanages, and Catholic Social Service Agencies.

    Works by Phyllis Peterson