Expectations of Happiness
Expectations of Happiness

Expectations of Happiness

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It's nine years after Jack Johnston's rollercoaster journey in search of The Department of Truth, and having struggled to create a happy life on Earth since, he finds himself once again drawn away to other worlds, and places deeper, to find out why.

The boundaries to other worlds, and places deeper, are now easier for him to traverse. But there is a price, and he finds himself in grave danger. Fortunately, he gathers new allies and old friends, to help him along the way. This new danger, these new allies, and the process he finds himself in, help him reach deeper, to discover why happiness has eluded him.

As he prepares to make a last stand against two great dark forces that threaten to come through the doorway to the human reality, he learns much about his true nature, and the nature of his existence.

Join Jack again as he wanders through the amazing worlds and realities of the DOT universe, fighting off the Robes, swashbuckling with Agents, learning how to surf, how to love, and how to be happy.



Author: James Connolly.

Format: Softcover book, 234 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Independent, 2017.

About James Connolly

James D Connolly is an Australian writer and artist/painter whose quest to understand the meaning of life and the spirit eventually led him from Christianity to the Bahá’í faith. His writing and art are greatly influenced by his faith and experiences. 

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