Story of Frederick Fox
Story of Frederick Fox

Story of Frederick Fox

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What would you do if you found money on the ground? Spend it? Save it? Find out who lost it? Frederick Fox is torn between right and wrong when he finds his friend, Willamena Hippo, nearby and crying because she's lost her lunch money...the exact amount Frederick has just found. Torn between lying to her and buying something he wants or giving her the money, Frederick knows what he must do. A nice little surprise awaits Frederick, too, when Willamena sees him after lunch!

The Animal Tales series teaches virtues to young children through charming stories of animals. Each story deals with a situation that the animals must solve, often with a moral at the end of the tale.


Author: Jennifer Lemon.
Illustrator: Ariya Beale.

Format: Softcoverbook, 12 pages,25 x 21 cm.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publications Australia, 1998.