Story of Percival
Story of Percival

Story of Percival

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Friendly little Percival Pup moves to a farm and is eager to meet the other two dogs that also live there. But Percival is not what they expected and they avoid him when they discover he only has three legs. Percival astounds them both with his acts of bravery and intelligence, and they realise they were wrong about him. Percival can do everything they can do! Becoming best friends, the two dogs even promise to help Percival with the one thing he finds a bit difficult.

The Animal Tales series teaches virtues to young children through charming stories of animals. Each story deals with a situation that the animals must solve, often with a moral at the end of the tale.


Author: Jennifer Lemon.
Illustrator: Ariya Beale.

Format: Softcoverbook, 12 pages,25 x 21 cm.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publications Australia, 1998.