• Bahá’í Administration

Bahá’í Administration

A selection of letters and messages addressed to the Bahá’ís of the United States and Canada, written between January 1922 and July 1932.

This compilation of messages from Shoghi Effendi to the AmericanBahá’í community defines the essential principles on which the local and national institutions of the Bahá’íFaith are based. Written during the first ten years of the Formative Age of the Faith, the messages also offer insight into the Bahá’íFaith's growth and illustrate poignantly the great burden Shoghi Effendi shouldered while guiding the fledgling Bahá’ícommunity. As part of the Faith's primary literature, these messages form a fundamental text and crucial guide to understanding and implementing Bahá’íAdministration. This is important reading for anyone concerned with hastening the maturation of the institutions Shoghi Effendi labored so tirelessly to establish.

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