• For the Betterment of the World, 2018

For the Betterment of the World, 2018

For the Betterment of the World provides an illustration of the Baha'i community's ongoing process of learning and action in the field of social and economic development.

The publication, prepared by the Office of Social and Economic Development at the Baha'i World Centre, highlights fundamental concepts that guide Baha'i efforts in social action. Among its core premises are that "[a]ll of the earth's inhabitants should be able to enjoy the fruits of a materially and spiritually prosperous society" and that "every population has the right and responsibility to mark out the path of its own progress."

Much of the publication is dedicated to providing practical examples of projects undertaken in diverse parts of the world, irrespective of typical dichotomies—rural and urban, "North" and "South." It describes a sampling of Baha'i development endeavors across a broad spectrum, ranging from grassroots efforts of limited duration undertaken by individuals or small groups, to sophisticated programs of social and economic development implemented by Baha'i-inspired nongovernmental organizations. The publication also explains how, most often, development endeavors emerge and advance within localities that have a pronounced sense of community and a growing collective consciousness.

Baha'i social and economic development initiatives address various aspects of community life, and For the Betterment of the World explores some of these, such as education, health, agriculture, the economic life of communities, arts and media, and the advancement of women. The publication also explores how knowledge is being captured and systematized by organizations and Baha'i institutions at various levels of society, from the grassroots to the international.

Regardless of the specific nature or scale of an initiative, Baha'i endeavors for social and economic development operate on the principle that populations should be the protagonists of their own material, spiritual, and intellectual advancement, not just recipients of aid or mere participants. All Baha'i-inspired initiatives are motivated by a desire to serve humanity and seek to promote the social and material well-being of all people. Taken together, Baha'i social action efforts represent a growing process of learning that is concerned with applying the teachings of Baha’u’llah, along with knowledge accumulated in different fields of human endeavor, to social reality.

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  • Commissioned by: The Universal House of Justice
  • Format: Magazine; 58 pages
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  • Publisher: Baha'i International Development Organisation, 2018

Commissioned by the Universal House of Justice

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