To Build Anew

To Build Anew

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To Build Anew invites Bahai's and like-minded people on a quest to tap into the transforming power of universal spiritual principles based on the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith to create enterprises that:

  • Continually improve the quality of human life;
  • Nurture the human spirit;
  • Create prosperity through service and virtue.

To Build Anew presents an inestimable opportunity and a fundamental challenge. Our opportunity is to build co-operative enterprises that:

  • Are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and principle-centred;
  • Practically and systematically apply core principles throughout every aspect of their development, management and operations;
  • Together, become a social force for the progress and prosperity of all humanity.

Our challenge is to fundamentally change our consciousness to:

  • Let go of the morally and intellectually bankrupt capitalist system and build enterprises based on the spiritual principle paradigm;
  • Let go of our individualistic attitudes and work together guided by Divine principle;
  • Let go of obsolete notions of “for-profit” and “not-for-profit” and become “self-sustaining”.

To Build Anew is more than a book for thought and reflection, it is a guide to action.

“He Who hath come to build anew the whole world…” ⏤ Bahá’u’lláh


Author: Don Brown.

Format: Softcover book.

Publisher: Paragon Quest Publications, 2002.