• Building a World Federation

Building a World Federation

The Key to Resolving our Global Crises

Humanity has been passing through stages of collective growth towards integration and unity. Our current collective crisesclimate change, financial upheavals, proliferation of nuclear weapons, gross human rights atrocities, mismanagement of critical natural resourcesmanifest our passage through a turbulent adolescence.

This book analyses why and how humanity can take the next step towards maturity by establishing collective decision-making institutions that can evolve into a world federation of nation-states. Only then will we have a truly peaceful world.

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  • Contributors:: Sovaida Ewing (Author)
  • Format: Softcover book | 146 pages
  • Dimensions: 129 x 198 x 8 mm | 150 g
  • Publisher: Center for Peace and Global Governance, 2015
  • ISBN: 9780990943709
  • Categories:: Maturation of Humanity

About Sovaida Ewing

Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing is the founder and director of The Center for Peace and Global Governance (www.cpgg.org), a virtual think tank and online forum that pools and proposes principled solutions to pressing global problems through publications, podcasts, lectures, workshops and targeted consulting. She is an international lawyer with eighteen years of experience in private and government practice, both in England and a barrister-at-law and in the United States as a licensed attorney.

For the past fifteen years she has been working as an independent scholar writing and lecturing in the areas of global governance and collective security. In addition her books and articles, she maintains a blog at collectivesecurity.blogspot.com that discusses current global issues and proposes principled solutions. Ms. Ma'ani Ewing was born to a Baha'i pioneer family in Kenya, and has lived in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

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