Come Now, Let Us Reason Together

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together

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Come Now, Let us Reason Together presents the case for the Bahá'í Faith. It is written in response to objections raised by a pastor to certain Bahá'í beliefs and principles. This book is addressed to all faithful Christians, leaders and laity alike. The pastor’s objections present a cross-section of questions raised by many Christians, which deserve answers. It offers a chance to test “the Spirit of Truth”.

It invites the reader to expand his or her knowledge of God’s Word, to gain a fresh outlook into the Scriptures. It helps the reader to rise above ‘the clouds’ of literal thinking to behold the awesome beauty and harmony of ‘the spirit’. It awakens one to the warning: “I shall come upon you like a thief.”~ Revelation 3:3


Author: Hushidar Motlagh.

Format: Softcover book, 285 pages.

Publisher: Global Perspective, 2003.