Book-A Concise Encyclopaedia of Judaism-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Book-A Concise Encyclopaedia of Judaism-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Concise Encyclopaedia of Judaism

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Written with clarity and authority by an expert in the field, this fresh new encyclopedia offers an in-depth study of all facets of this rich tradition.

Combining breadth with a readable yet concise style, the author has produced a comprehensive volume that is balanced and accessible. It features a complete historical survey of Judaism, and covers figures from Cain to Chagall, topics from fasting to euthanasia and locations from the Garden of Eden to the Wailing Wall.

Dan Cohn-Sherbok’s Concise Encyclopedia of Judaism is a lucid and invaluable addition to the library of students and anyone interested in the Jewish faith past and present.


Dan Cohn-Sherbok is a widely published and eminent scholar of Judaism. He is currently Professor of Interfaith Dialogue at Middlesex University. Among his titles published by Oneworld are Jewish Mysticism, A Short Introduction to Judaism and A Short History of Judaism.


Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok.

Format: softcover book, 237 pages.

Publisher: Oneworld, 1998.