Baby's Prayer Book
Baby's Prayer Book
Baby's Prayer Book

Baby's Prayer Book

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An exquisite collection of blessings from faiths around the world, including offerings from Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jainist, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, and Sikh communities.

The Baby's Prayer Book was inspired by the belief that, as citizens of a world that includes many cultures and religions, lasting peace will depend on our children understanding and embracing differences.

We trust that in the unfolding of this little bundle of sacred writings, your baby, having been exposed to the beauty and power of the words of prayer, will more likely embrace diversity, peace and unity as an adult. This is the vision and fondest wish of this book.

Baby's Prayer Book comes with a unique case, with illustrations throughout by Australian artist Carli Hyland.

Embrace Virtues is non-denominational and inclusive of all religions – east and west.




Format: Boardbook.


Embrace Virtues

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