Sound of Virtues CD
Sound of Virtues CD

Sound of Virtues CD

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This audio CD has been produced to nurture the spiritual development of babies and provide some peaceful support to parents. The CD offers gentle contemplations of universal human virtues such as love, trust, generosity, flexibility, creativity, purposefulness, confidence…

Affirmations of 26 selected virtues are voiced by Louise Lewis, in her warm and tender tones, accompanied by the music of soulful pianist Terence Koo. The affirmations for each of the virtues introduce your baby to some of their innate strengths.

The Sound of Virtues may be played as a backdrop during play and quiet times, or even while your baby is sleeping. You will find the affirmations and music soothing and nourishing for yourself as well as for your baby.

There are many paths in spiritual awareness and our world is filled with diverse beliefs. The virtues affirmations on this CD are non-denominational and inclusive of the many religious and spiritual ideas and faiths.

The Sound of Virtues CD features original music by Terrence Koo, composed specifically for Embrace Virtues.

Brain development in the first three years of life
Research has shown how profoundly important the first three years of a baby's life are in brain development. It is during this time, babies absorb enormous amounts of information and are receptive to learning. This critical period is when strong neurological pathways are formed and the brain develops patterns that influence future behaviour, intelligence, and emotional health.

You can utilise this opportunity to help shape your baby's character development. By listening to the affirmations on the Sound of Virtues CD and practicing the language of virtues in your communication, you and your baby will grow a relationship around virtues together.

You can talk to your baby about what virtues mean to you, how you draw on the strengths of virtues in everyday life. By doing so, you pass on a great gift – the spirit of the virtues.

"A friend gave my baby daughter and I the gift of your cd, cards and book as a gift when she was born and it is such a treat!!! I put the cd on in the morning and the beautiful piano music sends her off to sleep and the affirmations set me up for the day. It is a wonderful present for a new mum and her baby."

Embrace Virtues is non-denominational and inclusive of all religions – east and west.


Format: CD.

Embrace Virtues

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