Freedom to Soar

Freedom to Soar

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Frances Chan is 66 years old. She left a senior public service position in Darwin (Australia) at age 59 to work full-time as a freelance writer. Unlike the ladies in this book, this was not truly a new career for her, since she had been employed as a journalist on and off over the years. She has also sold many non-fiction magazine articles, as well as some fiction short stories.

However, in 1999 she embarked on something totally different when she began a Ph.D. program at Northern Territory University in anthropology.

Recently she has become interested in the many older women who taken up new pursuits as workers, students or volunteers. This book, her fifth, is the result of that interest.


Author: Frances Chan.

Format: Softcover book.

Publisher: Langford Publications, 1999.

About Frances Chan

Frances Chan has a B.A. in Far Eastern Studies, 1954, from the University of Washington and a Master of Library Studies, 1972, from the University of Hawaii. Anthropology is not entirely new to her, since she did post-graduate studies in that field in the 1950s at the University of Hawaii and Northwestern University in Illinois.