Life, Love and Freedom

Life, Love and Freedom

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Life, Love and Freedom is a collection of short stories for young people drawn from the author'slife experience. These stories contribute to a conversation aboutour relationships and responsibility to our children, parents, each other, and society in general.

The first is a story of millions and millions of people both young and old, people who are forced by circumstance, have no choice, but leave their homes to find a safe place to stay, begin new lives and find peace and freedom.

The second is a story of many parents whose children left them in nursing homes, or they personallychose to go to a nursing home to make life easy for their children. Many who had given the best days of their lives to their children spent their last months and years sitting behind the window glass waiting for their family to visit.

The last is a story of many young people who never had the chance to love and receive love from their own parents, and sometimes choice the wrong way in their own lives in an attempt to forget about the pain they feel.


Author: Rosa Vasseghi.

Format: Softcover book, 44 pages.

Publisher: Rosa Publications, 2003.