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Mirror of the Divine

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Art in the Bahá'í World Community

An essential resource for study of the core, universal concepts in the arts. This book derives from them Baha’i teachings a new, world-embracing and stimulating vision of the arts and their practice.

“…key reading for spiritually-minded artists of all disciplines who are looking for a manifesto to guide their work.” ~ Arya Badiyan, writer, painter.

After laying a broad groundwork to understand the arts from a spiritual perspective, Mirror of the Divine draws again on the Baha’i Writings to offer solutions to many of the practical challenges faced by artists and communities in today’s global environment.

  • What is the nature of the spiritual role the arts can play in a new era?
  • What are the many ways the arts can contribute to the well-being of humanity?
  • Should creative work done in the crafts be regarded on an equal footing with work done in the “fine arts”?
  • In helping to build a new, world-wide community, how can artists find a balance between cultural continuity and innovation?
  • When translating inspiration into a finished piece, what resources and choices does a spirituallyoriented artist have? What are the hidden dynamics at work?
  • In a shrinking world, how can artists learn from one another’s cultures without undermining cultural integrity?
  • What does unity in diversity in the arts look like on a global scale?

These are just a few of the fascinating and vital questions to which Mirror of the Divine offers answers. The only book of its kind in Bahá’í literature, it is a product of many years of research and writing undertaken by author Ludwig Tuman. With over 200 quotations from the Bahá’í Writings relevant to the arts (many of which are not found in compilations on the arts), and over 100 illustrations, it is important not only for artists but also for all who have an interest in the arts.


Author:Ludwig Tuman.

Format: softcover book, 326 pages.

Publisher:George Ronald Publisher, 1993.