Book-The Peace Bible-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Book-The Peace Bible-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Peace Bible

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There is a promise and a warning to be found in the wisdom of all religious traditions: a promise of the coming of a great and universal peace; and a warning of the destructive consequences of war. Here are collected words from the Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Native American traditions that remind us of these truths.

Learn to wage peace, not war. Hear the promise of peace, and the evil of war; know the role of justice; remember the place of women; see the planet as one people and one world. All religions agree. Together the teachings of the great religions give us a compelling vision of humanity at peace.


Author:Steven Scholl.

Format: Softcover book, 117 pages.

Publisher:Kalimát Press, 2003.