• Pocketful of Pearls

Pocketful of Pearls

A Pocketful of Pearls is a small compilation specially geared toward junior youth and youth, but still a wonderful booklet for all ages. It contains prayers for “When you are happy,” “When you need help,” and more. It also includes quotes related to loving God, serving others, overcoming faults, and more. This compilation includes quotes from the Bahá’í Writings as well as Christian passages.

This booklet is easy to carry in a bag or makes a nice gift to give away to friends.

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Product Details

  • Developer: Unknown
  • Translator: Shoghi Effendi
  • Format: Softcover book; 64 pages
  • Dimensions:  60 g
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Source: Writings of the Bahá'i Faith
  • ISBN: 9781888547283

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