• Psyche and Eros

Psyche and Eros

Baha'i Studies in a Spiritual Psychology

Interpreting the field of western psychological science through the spiritual principles of the Bahá'í Faith.

This enlightened volume offers a glimpse into the kind of psychology that will come to be the mature fruit of the emerging integration of scientific and spiritual understanding in the 21st century – a psychology that speaks holistically and with philosophical and conceptual rigour, depth and consistency about the harmonizing of behaviour, character, inner experience, and the complex needs of a global society.

In an age of scientism, Diessner’s work has a rare Renaissance quality to it. It builds expertly and seamlessly on state-of-the-art psychological research, infusing it with a profoundly innovative approach to the study of moral and esthetic development, the role of will from an eastern and western perspective, the interdependent lifelong development of knowledge, love, and will, and the beauty and complexity of the human psyche.

His work is enriched by a luminous quality of wisdom, as well as fully-developed cross-cultural and aesthetic sensibilities. It represents integrative research of a new order, of tremendous practical significance in education – an invaluable resource for educators, students of psychology, and social scientists.

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    Rhett Diessner (Author)
  • Format: Softcover book | 218 pages
  • Dimensions: 168 x 246 x 18 mm | 408 g
  • Publisher: George Ronald Publisher, 2007
  • ISBN: 9780853985129

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