Religious Truth for Our Time

Religious Truth for Our Time

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We are living in a unique age, completely different, in many respects, from any previous age in world history. As we build new societies and encounter complex world problems in our ‘global village’, what is the place of religion?

The widespread secularism associated with the dominant western intellectual outlook tens to leave religion aside. All the world’s religions are now having to come to terms with this new and ever-changing global order, as they find themselves living in closer proximity to each other than ever before.

In this down-to-earth and unusual study, Professor Watt discusses the way forward for those who believe in the importance of religious faith in a multi religious systems of the world. He examines basic issues such as the limitations of human though and language, the nature of truth and factuality and the role of world views which form the context within which different religions exit. This absorbing and accessible book offers constructive ways to address the intellectual and practical problems confronting the religions today.


Author: Montgomery Watt.

Format: Softcover book; 109 pages.

Publisher: Oneworld, 1995.