For the Sake of One God

For the Sake of One God

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Why did religions lose their place in the hearts of people? Why did materialistic philosophies substitute them so easily? Why is a teaching given to humankind to create love still used as an instrument of conflict?

For the Sake of One God tries to find reasonable answers to these questions. But most of all this book aims at distracting the general attention of people from the outer aspects of religions, which are usually overvalued, and at emphasising the importance of ‘the basic foundation of the religion of God, which was ever the principle of love, unity and the fellowship of humanity.’ If everyone will understand the primary importance of this law and resolve to conform to it, the common future of humankind will certainly be happier.


Author: Julio Savi.

Format: Softcover book, 193 pages.

Publisher: Royal Falcon Books, 2005.