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Ethics in Bahá'í Thought
Eight essays by various scholars widen our understanding of ethical implications of Bahá'í scripture and Bahá'í history. Read this collection of essays as a pioneering work – a first attempt to give coherence and form to a system of Bahá'í ethics as it might exist in theory and in practice.

Udo Schaefer makes an ambitious attempt to order and systematize the ethical teachings found in the ocean of Bahá’u’lláh’s writings. The results are impressive. William Collins seeks to apply these same Bahá'í values to the dilemmas faced by the contemporary urban family.

Franklin Lewis makes a study of the role that intellectual discourse plays in the Bahá'í scripture. Examining especially the writings and the public talks of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Lewis suggests that Western academic discourse has deeply influenced the very core of Bahá'í teachings. Next, Christian theologian John Hick questions the widespread assumption found in many traditions that there is only “one true religion”.

In the final section of the book, three historians provide us with detailed accounts of some fascinating episodes uncovered from the Bahá'í past. Christopher Buck examines the universal ideas of the African-American and Bahá'í philosopher Alain Locke. Moojan Momen, recounts the remarkable career of Jamál Effendi, a Bahá'í teacher in Asia. Richard Hollinger takes a second look at the beginnings of the American Bahá'í community.

In each case, this original research widens and deepens our understanding of some aspect of the ongoing Bahá'í search for divine and universal values.


Author: John Danesh & Seena Fazel.

Format: Softcover book; 239 pages.

Publisher: Kalimát Press, 2004.