Starting with Me

Starting with Me

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Whatever your age or life circumstances, Starting with Me helps you prepare yourself for marriage and lay a solid foundation for your future. It offers uncommon wisdom from the Bahá’í teachings, time-tested guidance from relationship and character specialists, insights from everyday people on this journey, and transformative questions and exercises.

Starting with Me will empower you to:

  • Live a full and happy life that includes service to others
  • Learn from past relationships, and move forward
  • Conquer your fears and doubts, and avoid those nasty pitfalls
  • Know yourself and your character—and be able to study a potential partner’s character
  • Form realistic expectations and wishes for a partner
  • Form friendships that may later become a great match!

While you’ll start with yourself, we give you plenty of ideas for involving others on your journey, and Starting with Me also lends itself to group study. Whether you’re excited, nervous, doubtful, or optimistic, take a deep breath and smile, for help and hope are at hand!


Author: Susanne Alexander, Johanna Merritt Wu, and Jeremy Lambshead.

Format: Softcover book,202 pages, 22 x 28 cm.

Publisher: Marriage Transformation, 2018.