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Ultimate Visions

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Reflections on the Religions We Choose

Given full information and complete freedom of choice, which religion would you choose to live by, and why?

In this compelling collection of essays by leading theologians and scholars of religious studies, of many different faiths and backgrounds, each writer has been asked to reflect on why he or she is a member of one religion rather than another. Here they reveal how their existing religious affiliation has shaped their commitment to inter-faith dialogue and how inter-faith dialogue, in turn, has influenced their convictions. Exploring the issues raised in different ways, contributors describe the specific contribution their religion has to offer towards humanity’s ultimate vision, and discuss what the nature of that vision might be.

This frank and enlightening discussion marks an important step forward in mutual understanding as we face the complex issues of a multi-faith world.


Author:Martin Forward.

Format: Softcover book, 288 pages.

Publisher:Oneworld, 1995.

About Martin Forward

Reverend Martin Forward is a Minister of the Methodist Church and Secretary of its national Committee for Relations with People of Other Faiths. He presently teaches courses in Islamic Studies at Bristol University.