Rethinking Prosperity

Rethinking Prosperity

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Forging Alternatives to a Culture of Consumerism
Bahá'í International Community's Contribution to the 18th Session of the United Nations Commission On Sustainable Development.

"Against the backdrop of climate change, environmental degradation, and the crippling extremes of wealth and poverty, the transformation from a culture of unfettered consumerism to a culture of sustainability has gained momentum in large part through the efforts of civil society organizations and governmental agencies worldwide. Beyond informed policies and 'greener technologies' it is a transformation that will require an earnest examination of our understanding of human nature and of the cultural frameworks driving institutions of government, business, education, and media around the world.

Questions of what is natural and just will need to be critically re-examined. The issue of sustainable consumption and production, under consideration by this Commission, will need to be considered in the broader context of an ailing social order - one characterized by competition, violence, conflict and insecurity-of which it is a part.” -  Bahá'í International Community



Author: Bahá'í International Community, 2018.

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