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Finding blessings in the struggles of life

Every one of us—whether rich or poor, famous or unknown—has had our share of suffering. In response to these challenges we ponder and ask questions; we pray to God for answers or we look to psychology and philosophy to help us make sense of it all. Some of us avoid the questions altogether by drowning our troubles in drugs or alcohol. We may even deny the existence of God since we cannot conceive of a Creator who would allow innocent people to suffer.

This compilation is a selection of quotations which have the most profound effect, allowing people to come to terms with the tests of life. These quotations—from the writings of the Bahá’í Faith—offer a wealth of wisdom, guidance, and comfort on the subject of suffering. In addition to restating spiritual and philosophical truths, they also offer new approaches to age-old questions such as the meaning of life and the purpose of suffering—and suggest qualities we can develop to deal with all of life’s challenges more effectively. 



Compiler: Brian Kurzius.

Format: Digital download.

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing (USA), 2007.