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Book-The Covenant and You-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Covenant and You

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"... the Báb says that every religion of the past was fit to become universal. The only reason why they failed to attain that mark was the incompetence of their followers. He then proceeds to give a definite promise that this would not be the fate of the [Bahá’í] revelation. ... that it will become universal and include all the people of the world." - Shoghi Effendi

Is mankind finally able to overcome its incompetence and shortcomings that have so weighed it down in the past? How does the Covenant fulfil the Báb’s prophecy? The answer lies in the dynamic relationship between the Covenant and us. Drawing on over 60 years of experience as a Bahá’í, the author brings profound insights as well as real-life anecdotes to this inspiring book.



Author: John Kolstoe.

Format: Softcover book, 372 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: George Ronald Publisher, 2015.

About John Kolstoe

John Kolstoe has more than sixty years experience of Bahá'í consultation in assemblies and committees. He and his wife Beverly have pioneered in several places in Alaska where he was adopted by Tlinget Indians and spent three years in Fort Yukon, an Athabascan Indian village north of the Arctic circle. He has five adopted children of whom three are Alaskan Indians, one Scottish, and one an Eskimo.

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