Religion on the Healing Edge

Religion on the Healing Edge

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Challenging readers to view religion, civilisation, and spirituality in a new way

Religion on the Healing Edge: What Baha'is Believe examines the defining beliefs animating the Bahá'íFaith and its distinctive practices, which are intended to revolutionise the world.

Author Frank Stetzer offers insights into the Bahá'í community and its vision to establish a new global civilisation based on the recognition of the oneness of humanity. The vision he presents is a bold and audacious one, full of unique opportunities and unusual challenges.

A marvellous book for anyone interested in learning more about the mission of the Bahá'íFaith and the relevance of its teachings.


Author: Frank Stetzer.

Format: Softcover book, 242 pages.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publishing, 2007.