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Version 2.8

  1. Valid warning for Request Form with incorrect email
  2. Valid warning for Request Form with province / state etc. not set
  3. Request Form, page 1, text prior to email button now customisable
  4. Level 2 Menu collections names can be appended with “[MENU]”; enabling an easier search for Menu collections, and also for website Search to indicate which collection are related to the Menu
  5. Bulk discount popups now have width proportional to the number of products in the collection (max 5)
  6. Wholesale discount compound retail discounts based upon Compare-At price. e.g. if product has Compare-At =£20 and Price at £14 then retail discount is 30%. If a whole discount tag assigns 20% discount, then the wholesale discount will be 30+20=50% discount.
  7. Cursor Roll-over product prices displayed for wholesale customers.
  8. Products that use the Default Template can be rendered similarly to other product templates (print, digital, affiliate, embrace) simply by changing the Vendor. This creates a generic rendering of these similar templates that can be customised for up to 12 vendors.
  9. Ability to hide LHS Home-page menu and LHS menu for other collection pages
  10. Cursor Roll-over prices are displayed for product that have a discount banner. Discount banner colour and opacity can also be set.
  11. Request Form popup title can now be set independently of the Tag field. Title no longer Caps
  12. Request Form, page 2, new text block after Submit button now available to describe to customer what happens next in the request workflow
  13. Wholesale vendor settings now include vendor-based button text. For instance, if you have a Dropship vendor that distributes to UK customers only, then the wholesale customer will see a collection-product roll-over button with vendor-specific text, e.g. “UK Only!”
  14. Fixed bug in Request Form that led to incorrect Customer account when Institute Pays was selected
  15. Changed Cart page text about log-in
  16. The Main Carousel can now be set to be display on Mobile or Desktop, and the fixed height of the carousel can be set. You’ll need to set this for your banner.
  17. The RHS Accessibility Panel now spans the Description Panel, Categories Panel, and Metadata Panel.