Baha'i Books Platform


  • Overview of Workflow
  • SKU Management
  • Image Management
  • Product & Collection Template Management
  • Menu / Navigation Management
  • Product Tags Management
  • Email Form management
  • Institute Request Form Management
  • Change Log



FORMULA - numbers in brackets represent maximum number of characters


Optional five letters of the author surname or source or product type:

ABDUL Title by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
RDUHJ Title by Research Department UHJ
US 2-letter country code for national publishing service
SITE Product type, e.g. Website or affiliate site
BROCH 3+ letter Product type, e.g. Brochure

Optional 3-letter series identifier

 US_CF_BAB2 US Published, Central Figures series, The Bab #2

Up to 5- letter title identifier
If this product is part of a series then 4 letters followed by the series number

LOTFA_FARM5 5th book in the Fellowship Farm series by M Lotfali

Optional 4-letter year identifier to differentiate similar materials such as brochures

BROCH_BC-2019 Baha'i Children’s Class Brochure of 2019  

Optional 2-letter country code identifier, mostly used for Authoritative titles 

BAHAU_EPIST-US US sourced softcover edition of Epistle by Baha'u'llah


Optional 4-letter media identifier

 ALEXA_ALL-mobi Mobi-edition of title by S Alexander
OEA_TOLER-pdf Office of External Affairs PDF on Tolerance

Optional three-letter “bibliographic” language code, English omitted:

BAHAU_EPIST-IN-PER Baha’u’llah's Epistle, sourced from India, Persian edition

Optional one-letter variant qualifier, Softcover omitted

EMBRA_PRAY-B Embrace Virtues drop-ship supplied Prayer Board-book
BAHAU_GEMS-AU-H Baha’u’llah's Gems, sourced from Australia, hard-cover

Optional 3-number carton size for Carton SKU

RUHI_ENG01-50 50-pack of Ruhi 1 English


Ruhi Books incorporate the language and unit into the title identifier
RUHI_ENG01 (English Book 1)
RUHI_ENG05B1 (English, Book 5, branch 1)

Junior Youth modules incorporate the title abbreviation from the Statistics Report Program (SRP)
JYG_WS (Walking the Straight Path)
JYG_WS-PER (Persian, Walking the Straight Path)


  • All uppercase letters, do not use diacriticals
  • Do not use symbols:  / ( ) : ; , . [ ] { } + * & ^ % $ # @ ! ~ ' “
  • Accepted symbols:  _  -
  • Avoid numbers unless they contain information e.g. book series



Product Images

The Baha'i Books theme handles variable width images; however, it has been designed for various aspect ratios that align well to published materials.

5x9      Brochures and tall books
6x9      Most books
7x9      Ruhi Books and wider books
9x9      Square children’s books
13x9    US-Letter rotated - children’s books
16x9    Website icons

All images in the Baha'i Books platform are scaled to aspect ratios of x9 (anything by 9), and the ideal image size can easily be determined. Exceptions can be made but it is best done only for a range of titles such as compilations that all have the same aspect ratio:

5x9      500 x 900 pixels (width x height)
6x9      600 x 900 pixels
9x9      900 x 900 pixels
16x9    1600 x 900 pixels

Initially, the ideal size was determined not to be 900 pixels but 864 pixels due to its divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, 27, 32, 36, 48, 54, 72, 96, 108, 144, 216, 288, 432. However, throughout the development process it was learned that Shopify manages its own fixed sized images and that this ideal number was of no benefit for website scaling.

Image Names

All product images are named as per the SKU. Some extensions are used for extra images:

OBAH_FAITH                    default image
OBAH_FAITH-inside1      inside image #1 (for image books)
OBAH_FAITH-2                secondary image

Resource Images for website elements

The following image dimensions are currently used

  • 4-Up Home-page Grid icons: 16:8 aspect ratio 720 x 360 pixels
  • Ads for Mobile Carousel: 16:4 aspect ratio of 1440 x 360 pixels
  • Ads for LHS Menu: 16:6 aspect ratio 960 x 360 pixels



App: Documentation, due late December 2020

  • Create custom documentation categories and link info to documents / Shopify Pages / documentation services

App: Import / Export, due late December 2020

  • Export products and collections to Excel
  • Import products and collections from Excel

Version 2.1.6. due late November 2020

  • Customisations for Institute Request Form
  • Home page edits
  • Product page edits
  • LHS menu carousel
  • Separating variants such as softcover and hardcover into different products - with collection display management solution
  • Reorganisation of menu structure in Baha'i Books App
  • Wholesale customer address editing and comment field for draft order notes
  • Clean-up of Theme Settings
  • Speed enhancements
  • Consideration for Dark Theme

App: Wholesale & Bulk Discounts, released 19 October 2020

  • Management of Bulk Discounts for products, products with tags, picks within collections, and whole collections
  • Management of Wholesale Discounts and Wholesale Accounts to national and international bookshops
  • Management of Product Tags associated with discounts from Products with Tag and Wholesale Discounts

Version 2.1.5. released 19 August 2020

  • Changed Institute Request Form languages to drop-down list
  • Enabled option for search text to be lower-case
  • Extra digital metafields for platforms iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
  • Extra digital metafields for old-SKU for transitioning systems where old codes may be helpful

Version 2.1.4. released 2 August 2020

  • author collections
  • book categories displayed in product pages

App: Metafields Editor, released 19 July 2020

  • admin App for managing all product and collection metafield data that can be accessed from product and collection pages in Admin

Version 2.1.3, released 9 July 2020

  • checkbox in admin: hide digital edition checkbox in Request Form
  • checkbox in admin: display Institute first in Request Form and hide details related to Customer Pays until selected
  • For Request Form draft orders paid for by Institute, copy customer address and email to order but keep Institute as the payer
  • fix rendering of handle-2 collections in product pages

Version 2.1.2, released 1 July 2020

  • main menu replaced with popup available from all collections
  • audiobook links enabled
  • tag links link#Name#URL enabled
  • panel background and website background colours added to admin
  • Institute Request email sent to book admin when draft order created
  • fix to Ruhi and Ruhi-prepub product templates regarding author-linked collections
  • display of collection image enabled via collection metafield display:show-image

Version 2.1.1, released 12 June 2020