Teaching Children's Classes

Programme for the Spiritual Education of Children (PSEC)

The transformative effect of the spiritual education of children is the major theme explored in Ruhi Book 3, Teaching Children's Classes. In the context of the theme, educators explore such concepts as the value of serving as an educator of children; the inherent nobility and dignity of every human being; the educational process as one that supports realisation of capacity; the importance of supporting children's relationships with and love for God; the importance of coherence between the words and actions of a teacher. Educators also build capacity to engage with the six elements of a Bahá'í children's class – prayer, memorisation of the Word of God, music, art, stories, and games. 

Companion Materials

Companion materials for teaching PSEC are currently in development with Training Institutes. Three resources are currently being considered.

  • Storybook for children to take home, using professional illustrations, utilising historical scenery where appropriate, with diversity of character skin tones and cultural clothes.
  • Colouring-in sheets (for home printing), using the same images as storybook but accompanied by quotation.
  • Teacher’s storybook aid using the same images as storybook


Certificates for graduating from each grade of PSEC are currently in development with Training Institutes. Certificates templates will be available using Canva, allowing teachers to customise certificates and print locally. Design elements will likely include

  • Training Institutes logos, with space for a local neighbourhood logo
  • Multicultural Australia design elements
  • Signatures for teachers | coordinators | LSA Secretary etc.


While mass distributing brochures is not an effective strategy, the gifting of a professional brochure after a conversation can assist as a reminder of the conversation, include personal contact details, and reinforce the understanding of the necessity for spiritual education.

Brochures also contain the current language used for the Core Activities within Australia, thus they may assist individuals with outreach conversations. View online.