Tutoring Ruhi Book 1

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit

The Creative Word, the nature of prayer, and the mystery of life after death, are the three themes explored in Reflections on the Life of the Spirit.

In the context of these themes, participants explore such concepts as the relationship between words and deeds; truthfulness; unity; and freedom from backbiting. Participants advance understanding of what constitutes prayer; why prayer is essential; the way in which prayers can be offered; times for prayer; types of prayer; and the effect of prayer. They then explore the relationship between the soul and the body; the relationship between the contingent and the eternal realms; the purpose of earthly existence; the inherent nobility and dignity of the human being; and the role of Divine Educators.

Companion materials

Companion materials for the study of Ruhi Book 1 have been developed in Australia in collaboration with Training Institutes. At the end of Unit 1 on reading the Writings, a copy of The Hidden Words is recommended for the participant; and at the end of Unit 2 on Prayer, a prayer books is ideal. Several options are available to the tutor to provide these resources to the participant.

Premium resources


The above pack of premium books include soft, flexible faux leather covers that feel beautiful and warm in the hand, are subtly debossed, and bound with thread sewn binding and a book-mark.

Hidden Words & Selected Holy Writings: A collection of Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, including The Hidden Words and a selection of other Writings presented as short passages, organised into themes of particular importance for seekers or those studying Institute materials. 228 pages but just 10mm thick.

Bahá’í Prayers: A collection of prayers organised into themes. The prayers selected are relatively short and easy to read, contain minimal Bahá’í jargon, and are gender neutral. Also included are the daily obligatory Bahá’í prayers, and a few longer prayers of particular potency. 208 pages but just 10mm thick.

The above resource is $12 per pack or $10 each for 5+. View online.

Cost-effective resources

A more cost effective solution is available in various languages including English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Filipino. Our service is also working on Hindi, Nepali, Samoan and Tok Pisin editions.

Two seperate booklet packs are available.

The Hidden Words is economically available as a 5-pack. While simple in design, the booklets are gold foil stamped with thread-sewn binding. View online : English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Filipino

Connecting Hearts is economically available as a 5-pack. They are colour printed on quality matte art paper with Australia flora decorations, and foil stamped with thread-sewn binding. 30 seeker-specific prayers are included, the same prayers in each language edition ! and non-English editions are bilingual ! View online : English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Filipino

 Each non-English pack is available for $15 per pack ($3 per booklet), and just $12 for English.

The Hidden Words packs


 Connecting Hearts packs