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The Emerging Global Religion

Explore the history, teachings, structure and community life of the world-wide Bahá'í community—what may well be the most diverse organized body of people on earth.

Named by the Encyclopedia Britannica as a book that has made "significant contributions to the knowledge and understanding" of religious thought.



Author: William Hatcher, J. Douglas Martin.

Format: Softcover book; 253 pages.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publishing (USA), 1985, reprint 1998.

About William Hatcher

William Hatcher is a mathematician, philosopher and educator. He has, for over thirty years, held university positions in Europe and North America, most recently as Professor of Mathematics at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. Dr Hatcher is the author of over fifty articles, books and monographs including The Bahá'í Faith: The Emerging Global Religion and Logic and Logos.

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