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Book-The Last Day-Bahá'í Distribution Services

Last Day

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An exploration of humankind's spiritual history and destiny

If you were to ask people what the Last Day refers to, most would talk about the violent catastrophic end of the world and the collective resurrection and judgement of all people – a time when the mountains will be scattered, the sky will be cleft asunder, the stars will fall and Jesus will return, bringing peace, prosperity and unity. The world will be destroyed by an angel blowing a trumpet as wild beasts, marauding cannibals and one-eyed monsters terrorize the people.

Is any of this likely to happen? How can we explain these expectations? What will the end of the world be like?

Walied Jassat explores the prophecies of the end times found in the Qur’án, hadíth and other scriptures, and looks beyond their literal meaning to the symbolic and profoundly spiritual. He searches for the fulfilment of the promise of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that Jesus will return and establish peace on earth – and shares a remarkable discovery.



Author: Walied Jassat.

Format: Softcover book, 356 pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Publisher: George Ronald Publisher, 2012.