John Hatcher

John Hatcher is a professor emeritus of English Literature at the University of South Florida and holds degrees in English Literature and Old and Middle English Literature and Linguistics from the University of Georgia. He is the author of numerous books on Bahá'í theology and scripture. He lives near Tampa, Florida. 

Ali's Dream
Ali's Dream
Book-The Arc of Ascent-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Arc of Ascent
Book-The Ascent of Society: The Social Imperative in Personal Salvation-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Ascent of Society
Book-Close Connections-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Close Connections
Book-The Face Of God Among Us-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Face of God Among Us
Book-From the Auroral Darkness-Bahá'í Distribution Services
From the Auroral Darkness
God's Plan for Planet Earth
God's Plan for Planet Earth
Book-Healing Hasan’s Heart-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Healing Hasan's Heart
In the Beginning was a Word
In the Beginning was a Word
Book-The Law of Love Enshrined-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Law of Love Enshrined
Poetry of Tahirih
Poetry of Tahirih
Book-The Purpose of Physical Reality-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Purpose of Physical Reality
Book-Reunion with the Beloved-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Reunion with the Beloved
Book-A Sense of History-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Sense of History
Book-Understanding Death-Bahá'í Distribution Services
Understanding Death