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With a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (with honours), Helen brings over a decade of experience working with children. Her dedication extends beyond the classroom as she trains aspiring teachers and lectures on education, all while raising her own three children. Helen sees her work in education as her true calling, believing deeply in the inherent nobility and unique capacities of children. She prioritizes creating nurturing environments and developing resources to support their growth, both in her daily life and through community initiatives.

Growing up in Germany with a storytelling Irish father and a novel-writing Ugandan mother, writing runs in Helen's blood. She discovered her passion for poetry at the age of 12, finding solace and clarity in its expressive power. Her journey as an author took root during a transformative visit to the Baha'i Holy places in Israel, where she was struck by inspiration to craft picture story books. With a special focus on developing literature for children to learn about the history, key figures, and teachings of the Baha'i Faith, Helen's writing is not just a creative pursuit but a reflection of her deeply held beliefs. She hopes her work will contribute to a richer landscape of Baha'i-inspired literature for children worldwide.

Currently, Helen is in the process of making her numerous stories available, each one a testament to her passion for education, storytelling, and spiritual enlightenment.

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